“The Woman in Cabin 10” by Ruth Ware

womencabin10A chilling summer page turner, The Woman in Cabin 10 is the second mystery thriller novel by British writer, Ruth Ware.  The protagonist Lo Blacklock is a journalist for a travel magazine.  She scores the assignment of a lifetime: a spot on the Aurora, an exclusive luxury cruise ship with only 12 cabins for the well-healed, set for its maiden voyage in the picturesque North Sea.  When the expedition starts out the sun is shining, the water is as sparkling as the guests, the rooms are exquisite, and the gourmet courses unsurpassed.  When Lo realizes she forgot to pack her mascara she knocks on the door of cabin 10 to borrow from a woman who answers in a Pink Floyd t-shirt.  Later in the week, the icy winds lash the deck, the skies grow dark.  After a night of dinner and drinking, Lo awakes suddenly – “… there was a splash. Not a small splash. No, this was a big splash. The kind of splash made by a body hitting water.”  When she looks outside, blood smears the glass of cabin 10’s veranda as the dark waters swallow what looks to be a woman.  When she reports what she saw and heard to the staff, her cries for help are in vain.  Cabin 10 is empty.  No blood is found.  Every passenger is accounted for.  The boat sails on as if nothing happened.

Did she just imagine it?  That’s what everyone is beginning to think.  Except for the murderer who is on the boat hiding in plain sight.  This whodunit is reminiscent of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express, with a closed number of possible suspects, keeping you guessing and on edge through to the end.  The more Lo delves, the more she becomes a target and her life is in danger.  She unravels the truth – more complicated than she imagined – and there is no going back.  How can you stop a killer when no one believes there was a murder?

With surprising twists, hair-raising turns, and a beautiful yet confining setting, this thriller will leave you unsettled long after the last page is turned.

CBS has acquired the rights to adapt and develop the novel as a movie.

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