Writing About Your Family’s Genealogy workshop

The Ludington Area Center for the Arts will offer a workshop for people interested in writing about their family’s “story.” The workshop ‘Writing About Your Family’s Genealogy’ hosted by local author and artist Linda Sandow will take place Saturday, Jan. 18 from 1-3 p.m.
Sandow will present an interactive approach to writing a story based on genealogy. The workshop is $5 and will take place in the center’s second floor figure drawing room.
“Preserving a piece of your family’s heritage is a powerful experience,” said Sandow. “I used my brother’s research as a base and found a number of incidents in the 1700’s that I used to write a historical novel based on our mother’s family. This process involved a lot of cross referencing. I now have a deeper appreciation for the past.” Sandow’s book ‘Jacob Castle and Gliding Swan: The Story of a Mennonite Man and a Shawnee Woman’ will be for sale for $10 after the workshop.
To register for the workshop call the LACA office at 231-845-2787 or email [email protected] The Ludington Area Center for the Arts is located at 107 S. Harrison St. in downtown Ludington.

The event is finished.