White Lake Chamber Music Festival Hungarian Gala Dinner

5 Courses, Wine, Music


Langos (fried dough)
Cseresznye Leves (chilled cherry soup)
Uborka Salata (cucumber salad)
Paprika’s Csirke with Nokedli (chicken paprikash with dumplings)
Retes Trio (strudel trio)

Red: Egri Bikaver (Bull’s Blood of Eger)
a subtle, full-bodied wine from the Eger hills of Northern Hungary, a wine whose origin goes back to the seventeenth century.

White: GROONER – Grüner Veltliner – If you like Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio, you’ll love GROONER. Made from 100%
Grüner Veltliner, Austria’s #1 grape varietal. Crisp and dry. Hints of apple and citrus fruit. Easy drinking and refreshing.

Michael Schaeffer, Acordian
Michael had played piano for fifteen years before he ever picked up an accordion. He sought out his first accordion in 2001, inspired by a dream in which he was playing a bellowed instrument in a dark room. Today, Michael can play around 200 songs from memory. Though he specializes in Italian, French, and Tango, he maintains an impressive repertoire of various styles, including polka, klezmer, Hungarian, and gypsy music. Michael also has recorded an album of original compositions. Through playing the accordion at restaurants and private events, partnering with other musicians for a variety of projects, and teaching accordion to students of all ages, Michael has built a strong reputation in the Grand Rapids area. He is passionate about sharing the accordion with students and audiences, bringing it back into the spotlight as a beautiful instrument with a rich history.

The event is finished.

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