Singout Social: a community singalong with dueling pianos

If you love to sing, join us!

Now, notice it didn’t say, ‘if you are a good singer’ or if you want to sing professionally’ or if you want to join a choir. What makes the concept of the community sings so powerful – and they are are powerful – is that they are for everyone. Everyone who loves to sing that is. Community sings attract all kinds of singers – professionals, casual crooners, shower singers and those that were asked politely in the third grade to just mouth the words. Community sings are not performances. They exist so like minded people can gather in community and, well, sing!

Show tunes, songs from the 60’s through today, TV tunes, school and military fight songs.

Dueling pianists Steve Thielman and Bryan Uecker
Song leader Melanie Schaafsma

The event is finished.

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