Improvisation on Canvas – Art Clinic

Students will participate in an “Improvisation On Canvas” Clinic. This is a painting to Jazz Music via CD’s. The focus will be on the freedom of expression in the abstract, using texture and colors to guide them. We will utilize several jazz artists of the Be Bop era… IE, Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, Dizzy, Miles, etc… Students will paint totally from intuition. Acrylic, Pastel’s and Watercolor can be the medium. Oils are OK as well, but the room needs proper ventilation.

Students are given specific guidelines, such as putting to canvas, what they are hearing.. IE.. Visual Interpretations of Audio recordings by the Jazz Greats.

Students are encouraged to “Hear” in color and “Listen” for shape inspiration.

Modern Abstractions and also realistic works are both acceptable, however, this is a great learning tool for thinking outside the box and at on the spur of the moment. Students will be asked to have no preconceived ideas before they start applying their medium to canvas.

Student Level:

It is helpful but not required for a student to have painting experience. This class is an exercise in creativity and is open to all students of all disciplines… in art, theater, dance and music.

The event is finished.