Happy Hour/Szkojáni Charlatans (Transylvanian Gypsy Dance)

Tame the winter blues with music. This Sunday (5-7) enjoy the worldly sounds of Szkojáni Charlatans, for a special short notice concert at The Book Nook & Java Shop. Food & Drink Specials. Bohemian Bread Basket. Hummus Plate. Bells Amber (bottle) Atwater VJP (draft) More about Szkojáni Charlatans: The “Szkojáni Charlatans” are world traveling folk musicians from the formerly mysteriously disappeared Transylvanian town of Szkoján. Kjartan (violin and vocals) and János (acordeon). Their music is of Szkoján and the surrounding regions. Because of Szkoján’s pre-modern multiculturist integrations and its unique history, the folk music and traditions of Szkoján are especially rich with influence from: Gipsi, Romanian, Turkish, Hungarian, Jewish, Serbian, Moldovan, Bulgarian, and Macedonian musical traditions. See event page for sample of streaming music.

The event is finished.

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