Happy Hour/Michigan Authors Jamboree Series #2 (2018)

Enjoy select wines and craft beers at happy hour prices while listening to enticing snippets from local authors. Each Author is given up to fifteen minutes to talk to you about their published books, and discuss their life as a writer, including the process of page to book, writing habits, and what being a writer means to them. Audience interaction is encouraged, and all books will be for sale at The Book Nook. It’s a good time.
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Authors & Book(s)
Jacquelyn Vincenta: ‘The Lake And The Lost Girl’
Nick Hutchinson: ‘Factory Of Lies’
Andrew Smith: ‘Vengeful Son’
Randy Pearson: ‘Trac Brothers’, ‘Driving Crazy’, ‘Tell Me A Story’
Donald Levin:‘The Baker’s Men’,‘Crimes Of Love’, ‘Forgotten Child’
Linda Sienkiewicz: ‘In The Context Of Love’, ‘Dear Jim’
Andrew H. K.: ‘More Adventures Of A Dying Young Man’

Any questions or comments please feel free to email: [email protected]
The Book Nook & Java Shop
8744 Ferry St, Montague, MI 49437 Montague MI. (231) 894-5333

The event is finished.

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