Classical Dinner and Music – Kyle Thompson, guitar

Music at 7pm Kyle Thompson $5 Cover

Dinner at 6:15 $17 Chicken Cacciatore: parmesan-crusted chicken breast, linguine, tomato sauce, broccoli, glass of house wine, afogatto

Over the past 10 years, teaching has become a passion of mine. When I first picked up the guitar at 13, all I want to do was play. I was and still am fascinated by the the guitar. The shape, the frets, the strings, and the sound were all I thought about. When I first began teaching 10 years later, it was for practical purposes. I needed a job that I somewhat enjoyed. I have come to the opinion that a musical education is a vital part of a liberal education. Every day I teach I see my students growing and maturing as people and it is humbling to watch. I am always excited to teach and more excited to learn from my students.

The event is finished.