Author Happy Hour – Laurie Lounsbury

Kingdom Forgotten
The rise and demise of a Mormon island king

A self-proclaimed prophet and king named James Jesse Strang had it all – power, fame and royalty – at least for a while.

James Strang ruled over his flock of Latter-Day Saints on a remote island in northern Lake Michigan in the mid-1800’s, leaving behind a legacy of tyranny, piracy and polygamy.

With his tremendous ego and oratorical skills, Strang built up a community of over 2,500 Mormons and took political control of northern Michigan and its island inhabitants.

A clash of cultures soon followed as King Strang tried to impose his beliefs and laws onto both his followers and the non-believing, native islanders.

Kingdom Forgotten seamlessly stitches together the true events of James Strang’s life with fictional characters that show what island life might have been like under Strang’s rule. It is a story of kindness and killers; of ruthless pirates and innocent believers; of a Native American woman who had the courage to stand up to Strang, a man she both loved and hated; and it is the story of how one man’s craving for power and control over others proved to be his ultimate undoing.

Laurie Lounsbury is a national award-winning journalist and editor who spent most of her writing career covering northern Michigan, including Charlevoix, Petoskey, Beaver Island, Boyne City and Gaylord.

She has spent a portion of every summer of her life in Charlevoix, which was originally known as the Pine River Settlement.

She currently lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she sings in a girl group dance band with great enthusiasm and exceptionally mediocre talent.

She is delighted to become a “budding young author” in the same year she started collecting social security.

The event is finished.