Author Event: Bryan Broderick “Daniel Boone and His Neighbors”

In this book you will find a collection of stories as they are preserved by my Great Grandfather William S. Bryan. My Great Grandfather was one of the last of the pioneers to settle the wilderness of St. Charles County as it is known today. His neighbors and the neighbors of his father and grandfather are well known names in and around the St. Louis, St. Charles and Franklin county areas. Although many of these names are now given to creeks, towns, counties and bridges. They are people that actually lived and carved out a life in the wilderness.

Written in the language and slang used by people of the day Barb and I have purposely not altered words or the manner in which they were used. WE are preserving history as it happened. Not as others would like you to think it did.

These writing are done in a manner that you would experience as if you were sitting in someone’s living room and were being told by some old timer that had been there. Well in most cases that’s exactly how these stories are related.

In this book there is a description of Daniel Boone, from head to toe. At the time there was no photo’s or movies. When a person was observed and described to others there is a certain richness and power in that description. I was very taken with this ability that I feel is now lost by our generation. After you read this description in the book I’m sure you too will be impressed with it’s power to give you a mental picture of Boone. I have no doubt that I would know Boone if I came face to face with him, the description is that complete.

There are stories of everyday life, dirt floors, log homes or living in a cave. Eating from tree bark bowls, cooking on open fires, sleeping on piles of buffalo and deer skins. Today we would not even consider living under such conditions, And most of us would simply not survive. (as many of them didn’t).

I’m sure many readers will find that there are many explanations of why things are done the way they are today and at the same time how silly some of the things were done in the days of old. But reading these little bits of history will open your eyes to how we evolved into what we are today. And as Americans we all retain in our hearts a power that only we have that others respect. Ours is a short history compared to others, but I feel it is much richer.

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