“Crazy Rich Asians” by Kevin Kwan

crazyrichasiansCrazy Rich Asians is the Cinderella story of Rachel Chu, a 28-year-old economics professor at New York University, who has been happily dating Nick Young, a 32-year-old History professor at NYU, for the past two years. Nick tells Rachel that his childhood best friend is getting married over the summer, he plans on flying back home to Singapore for the wedding, and he wants her to accompany him. But, this raises questions. Does an international trip to meet family mean something serious for the relationship? Rachel is a bit anxious, but ultimately agrees. As an economist, Rachel knows Singapore has one of the highest concentrations of wealth in the world, and she is excited to see the island up close with Nick as her guide. Rachel knows nothing about Nick’s family and is nervous about what to expect. As Rachel fishes for details about them, Nick clams up.

Rachel is shocked to learn that not only is the wedding the upper-crust social event of the year, but Nick is Singapore’s most eligible bachelor.  Nick’s mother, Eleanor, expects Nick to return to Singapore and marry a woman from his own milieu. As the potential heir to a massive fortune—and a member of one of most mysterious, wealthy, and powerful families in Asia—Nick should only be dating women in their social circle. That is, he should absolutely not be dating some unheard-of woman from New York. Despite knowing nothing about Rachel, Eleanor is certain Nick’s girlfriend is a gold digger after Nick’s fortune. Eleanor decides to take matters into her own hands, hiring a private investigator to conduct a full background check on Rachel and her family and enlisting her best friends and their daughters to help sabotage her son’s relationship.  This, from the book, sums it up:  “To Eleanor, every single person occupied a specific space in the elaborately constructed social universe in her mind. Like most of the women in her crowd, Eleanor could meet another Asian anywhere in the world…and within thirty seconds of learning their name and where they lived, she would implement her social algorithm and calculate precisely where they stood in her constellation based on who their family was, who else they were related to, what their approximate net worth might be, how the fortune was derived, and what family scandals might have occurred within the past fifty years.”

The genre is a romantic comedy with colorful characters and humorous situations.  Rachel is mostly trying to survive the competitive, judgmental, and entitled women that orbit the social circle.  It’s a clash of snobbish Old World tradition and socially fluid American individualism.  The book is now a movie of the same name.

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