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March 31

Our next book club book:

The Profound Art of Omens

by M.E. Nyberg

Gothic Horror! Travel the world –and the supernatural- with the mysterious company of Karras and Corbeau: Investigators of the Strange and Occult as they struggle with the unseen world and its icy effects upon the living. 

From Europe –Paris, London and the Sud du France- to the Japanese volcanic islands deep within the Black Current, follow the Narrator upon his excursions into the shadowy recesses of the other side of reality; while under the employment of the strange and inexplicable Lucien Karras, the enigmatic Emerald Montaigne-Eisenswartz and the caustic and diabolical Anton Corbeau as they journey to Prague to confront the hideous Burning Man; old London to solve the mystery of the terrifying Eye in the Keyhole to the Basque mountains to confront the legend of the Brassac Vampyre, these adventures based upon true travels will hold you spellbound by the gossamer thin veil that separates the modern world from the spectral realm.

Third Coast Ensmble


April 2

at 7pm

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Acousitc Oasis

7pm Friday

April 3

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April 4 at 7pm

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Author Event

Book Signing

R.C. Hartson

2pm Saturday

April 18

Bob Hartson has won numerous awards for his short stories and poetry. Among those, a poem Shadows of Iwo Jima was published by the Marines in their Leatherneck magazine in 2003. He is also the author of a family saga novel titled, Falling Up The Stairs, to be released in the near future. Bob is married, with six children and seven grandchildren, and is a retired U.S. Marine who lives in Western Michigan.

Fatal Beauty is Bob's first published novel, but the second in the detective series will be out in early 2016 His numerous short stories and Poetry can be found at his web address