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Join us for Book Club 6pm Monday, January 5

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Thursday, Dec 25 All Day

Jazz Night every Thursday at 7pm

This week at the Book Nook

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6pm Mondays


With DJ Jeffery Schildroth.  Dinner/drink specials, prizes, fun!

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Christmas Eve 8am-1pm

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Our next book club book:

It Rained in the Dessert

by Jocelyn Dettloff

Join us for book club January 5 at 6pm.  Jocelyn will be joining us!


The unexpected can be a gift that teaches us who we are and what we can be. On Sunday, April 13, 1997 Jocelyn’s life abruptly changed within a matter of seconds. As a free-spirited, unsettled woman, she travelled across the globe seeking adventure and purpose, returning home just long enough to earn enough money for the next trek. While in Namibia, Africa as part of a three month, sub-Saharan camping trip, Jocelyn broke her back in a sledding accident and was instantly paralyzed—permanently. While unsought and unwanted, it was an adventure, and one of high stakes. Jocelyn had a choice—would she embrace this full on as she did other challenges or withdraw and let life pass her by? While surviving an accident thousands of miles from home has its own merit, the real grit and depth of her story comes from how she created a new way of truly living. Moving on and not dwelling on the ‘why,’ while by no means easy, is a powerful decision anyone experiencing a life-altering event can make. Though struggle, grief, and anger were all part of the journey, her family, friends and faith helped Jocelyn create a new life. Read her gripping story filled with tragedy, humor, joy and adventure. 

Weekend Music

DJ Casey "Kasum" Rolewicz

7pm Friday

December 26

Bring Friends and Family for Euchre Night!

Jam Session

7pm Saturday

December 27

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